Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obesity and Periodontal Disease

Exercise is Awesome!
   There are so many benefits to exercise that all help to increase longevity. Physical activity can improve our mood by stimulating various brain chemicals that influence feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Exercise  also improves self image and confidence, boosting self esteem. Bundles of research shows that stress can have very negative impacts on our health and longevity, but exercising buffers the effects of chronic physiological stress.

Imagine yourself on a brisk walk, your arms and legs are moving, feet hitting the ground, fresh air in your lungs, blood pumping through your heart and entire body. Actively lowering your risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, high cholesterol, and arthritis.
 Feels great, right?!

Let's add another benefit ~ Lowering your risk for Periodontal Disease

     To begin understanding this concept, let's talk about inflammation first. Inflammation is your bodies way of responding to pathogens, or a stimulus. The vascular system moves plasma and leucocytes toward the affected area in an attempt to rid the body of the pathogen. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease with a clearly defined stimulus, Bacteria. New research has pointed to an unsuspected risk factor of periodontal disease, ObesityThe role of being overweight significantly raises the risk for periodontal infection. The increase of fat cells overstimulates the inflammatory process. 
     Diabetes type II is a later in life onset usually caused by diet and lifestyle. The body becomes resistant to insulin due to lack of sufficient exercise and overconsumption of refined sugars. Usually a making a lifestyle change is the first step in correcting this serious health issue. Diabetes and periodontal disease are reciprocal of each other; active periodontal infection effects glucose levels, and uncontrolled diabetes effects periodontal disease. 
     Taking a good look at lifestyle, including exercise, diet, and stress can bring the awareness needed to make changes that could add years to your life. 

Exercise Euphemisms
I've found a passion for exercise and health a very young age. Currently I'm loving  Bikram Yoga .Through the years my personal philosophy changes, flowing with events and responsibilities in life.
 The most consistent aspect that I am confidant sharing is:
Just Keep Moving.
Don't get stagnant in life, quit making excuses and do something good for yourself.
Swim, walk, jog, bike ride, play tennis, do some yoga poses, play tag with your kids.
Move for at least 20 minutes a day.
When there is the time, the ideal amount of time to dedicate to exercise is 40-60 minutes.
Challange yourself to be healthy.

"Never too late, never too old, never too bad, and never too sick to do this and start from scratch once again."

Exercise is better than Prescription Drugs for pain.

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